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Become Our Delivery Partner @ TheDivine.in

In India, online shopping is a new business trend and almost everything can be purchased online. From banking transactions to travel bookings, purchasing life insurance to selling cars, everything can be done online in just few clicks. Smart Phone and 3G/4G services have brought people closer to the world of Internet. More and more people use internet for their shopping requirements, thus, redefining the e-commerce trend. Shopping online offers flexibility in time, convenience and the best part is we get doorstep delivery of desired products. Due to its numerous advantages, the online revolution in India is taking shape at an unprecedented rate. And now we are giving you a chance to be the face of this revolution by becoming a TheDivine Delivery Partner.

TheDivine.in is going to make every shopkeepers online where they can sell their products online on TheDivine.in website. People from your city can order any product from any seller from your city on TheDivine.in website. After getting every order shopkeepers has to delivery that product o buyer's location. Here you can provide local delivery service to our sellers within your city. You can charge a fix commission or amount from your seller or also you can charge a fix mount from buyers for your service.



How It Works?

You choose the cities where you'd like to deliver. Whether you have one van or a fleet, our volume and your business could be a great match. All deliveries are within a specific service area and delivery services vary by location. 

Earning Opportunity With TheDivine.in

After becoming our delivery partner only you will provide delivery service for our sellers. You can charge any fix amount or commission for your service from sellers on each order / delivery. TheDivine.in will not charge you any amount from your income.

To become our delivery partner there is no any application fees. You have to pay only Rs. 10,000/- as security amount (100% refundable).

After becoming our delivery partners you will get all training material, marketing material, visiting cards to start your business with TheDivine.in.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What are delivery partners?
Delivery partners are local delivery partners that TheDivine.in uses to deliver packages from seller's location to our customer's door.

Does TheDivine.in need delivery partners in my area?
We are currently providing delivery service in Bhilwara, Udaipur, Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat, and we're expanding to more cities soon. But we want to hear from you regardless of where you are. You can let us know the areas you're interested in when you apply. If we're not currently in your area, we'll contact you when we are.

When are parcels delivered?
There is flexibility in choosing when you want to deliver. The hours vary by location but we operate seven days a week, almost every day of the year. Delivery opportunities occur throughout the day, including both early in the morning and late in the evening

Does it cost anything to become a delivery partner for TheDivine.in?
No, There is no any application fees to become our delivery partner. You have to pay only Rs. 10,000/- as security deposit only which is 100% refundable. If you join the programme, you'll need to provide delivery vehicles, driver and safety training programmes, and insurance coverage. If you're a professional delivery business, it's likely that you already have everything you need.

What’s the next step in becoming a delivery partners? 
We're excited to have you begin the application process. Contact on +91-1234567890. The application process should take no more than ten minutes.

How long does the application process take?
The application takes about ten minutes to complete. TheDivine.in will keep you updated on your application status throughout the process. Most applications are reviewed within 48 hours or less.


Do delivery partners use their own vehicles to deliver for HelloShopee?
Yes, delivery partners or drivers supply their own delivery vehicles for this programme.

How many service areas can a delivery partner cover?
It's up to you. Delivery partners can cover multiple service areas. These are awarded based on performance, rates, and need.

Can a service area include both commercial and residential addresses?
Yes, most service areas will include both commercial and residential addresses.

What types of delivery services are offered?
TheDivine.in offers many types of deliveries. The delivery services offered depend on the location and service area. You can choose what types of deliveries you want to perform.

What is the parcel size limit?
Currently the maximum weight of a delivery is 25 kg.

What resources are available to help delivery partners?
Everything you need to be successful is available through the delivery portal, including technology training resources, videos, and delivery data.


What type of vehicle do I need?
Currently we request all vehicles be no more than 4 years old, less than 3.5 tonne (GVW), and have a minimum load capacity of 5M cubic. However, as we launch more services, these requirements may change.

Do I need a safety and driver training programme?
Yes, to ensure the safety of your drivers, our programme requires you to have a safety and driver training programme in place.

Do vehicles have to be branded?
No, typically most trucks don't need to be branded.

Is a delivery partners required to purchase special equipment?
No, special equipment isn't required.

Are drivers independent contractors or employees of the delivery partners?
Drivers are independent contractors with a delivery partners.

How many drivers do I need?
There is no specific minimum. The programme is open to single driver owner-operators as well as larger companies.

Are uniforms required for delivery service drivers?
No, most routes do not require uniforms. For any routes that do require uniforms, you may be entitled to receive a brand promotion fee.

How many deliveries will my drivers have to complete?
All routes are dynamically planned and the number of deliveries may vary by service, area, and pickup location.

Will training be provided?
Yes, TheDivine.in will provide online training for our on-road technology. Delivery partners also need to have their own safety and driver training programs in place.​


What is the legal relationship between Amazon and delivery partners?
TheDivine.in contracts with delivery partners. Delivery partners have drivers who are independent contractors with their company. They have exclusive responsibility for their personnel. Delivery partners personnel are not eligible to participate in any employment benefit plans or other benefits available to TheDivine employees. Delivery partners and their personnel do not have authority to bind TheDivine.in or any of its affiliates to any agreement or obligation.

How does a delivery provider increase business in its service area?
Business is awarded based on experience, performance, and rates.



  • Manufacturer / Vendor / Franchisor
    Industrial Uniforms / Military Projects / Tent House
    Entrepreneur / Start-ups
    Wholesaler / Distributor / Dealer
    Hotel / Hospital / Hostel / PG / Guest House
    Non Profit Organization / Trust / Association
    Affiliate / Merchant / Agent
    Hyper City / Malls Supply
    Service Provider / Trader / Supplier
    Importer / Exporter /
    Interior Designer / Builder
    Retailer / Shopkeeper / Hawker
    Independent Crafts People
    Buying Company or Buying House
    Drop shipper / Reseller / Value Added Reseller
    Govt. Organization
    E-commerce / Website / Marketplace

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